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Hoping for a Miracle Before Resurrection Sunday
If there are babies whom we call miracle babies, I am calling President Trump as a miracle president as well. During his campaign for presidency, we heard people and read write-ups saying he needs a miracle to win and become the President of the United States of America. Lo and behold, with God’s divine intervention, he won the presidential race, for we all know that it is God who put people in position (Rom.13:1). We are witnesses since his meteoric ascendency to the presidency as a man of destiny fulfilling what has been written in the Scripture in the last days.

Currently, because of COVID-19, President Trump dubbed himself as the “Wartime president” to fight against the unseen enemy which we all know has brought menace throughout the whole world. Bible believers who are following his administration in the White House come together agreeing President Trump has come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

This week, President Trump is hoping for another miracle to happen before we celebrate Resurrection Day, that this pandemic will come to a halt and that we will win this war. Let’s join him in our prayer and do our part which is repentance and cleansing. Let’s say the same prayer of Habakkuk invoking God to repeat in our time his amazing and wondrous works in the past (Hab. 3:2) the same miracles the Egyptians have witnessed stopping the 10 plagues that had freed God’s chosen people to pursue and reach the Promised Land.