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May you experience this New Year 2020 God’s increasing revelation of His glory for a victorious and triumphant life until our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns.

Paying close attention to what the Bible says and filling our lives with God’s message help us avoid the same mistake of Adam and Eve when they listened to Satan and fell into his deception in the Garden of Eden.

My Bible reading from the Gospel of Matthew is a stirring admonition to remain faithful until the end and be saved (Matthew 10:22).

As tension escalates politically and socially all over the world, we have God’s infallible, unchanging and dependable Word to guard our hearts and minds from spiritual ploy and oppression so that joy and peace will take control the way we think and feel (Phil. 4:8-9). Always remember that God called you to dispel the darkness as the light of our Redeemer Jesus Christ shines on you. This gives us assurance that we will have a good fight and become victorious and triumphant always because the battle is of God and not ours (1Tim. 6:12; 2Chron. 20:15). When trouble comes take it us an opportunity to watch God fighting for you (Psalm 34:19) so that you can have a testimony of His wonderful works in your life (Psalm 118:17).

Ex. 34:10, “The LORD replied, “Listen, I am making a covenant with you in the presence of all your people. I will perform miracles that have never been performed anywhere in all the earth or in any nation. And all the people around you will see the power of the LORD—the awesome power I will display for you.”