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“What Do You Want Me To Do For You?"
If the Almighty Creator, who owns the whole universe, will come to you and ask you, “What do you want Me to do for you?" like the two blind men who were asked by Jesus the same question in Matt. 20:29-33, what would you ask of Him?

I was prodded to ask you this kind of question because I was stunned with awe by the answer of a nine-year old kid to the same question. At first, she told me that she will ask God to meet her need. I told her to make it specific because that’s what God wants and to remember that with the All-Powerful God all things are possible, He even gave up His life in order to save us from hell, so there is none that God would ever withhold if it’s good for us, He will make a way even if there’s seems no way. She immediately told me that she will ask God to let all the relatives of her Dad know Jesus. I was amazed by her answer because at her age I was expecting she will ask for material things she would enjoy for Christmas. Instead she asks for her loved ones to know Jesus who is the only way for man to be saved by believing and accepting Him as Lord and Savior. Her answer pricked my heart to believing that faith in the Biblical Jesus can surely change the way how we set our priorities in this passing world, by choosing those with eternal value over those things that won’t last. Now I can say that she has already understood the priceless cost of our salvation which is the sacrificial death of Jesus to make us holy and acceptable to God the Father, (Heb. 9:26; 10:10; Col. 1:22) not by religion because religion won’t save, not by praying for the dead because after death is judgement and no amount of prayer can save them anymore, nor by good works for even our good works are just filthy rags in God’s sight. She understood that Jesus is the only way.

What a Blessed Hope we have in Jesus! Praise His Most Holy Name for His amazing love forever and ever.