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The Dawning of our Vision 5 Years Ago
All praises, honor, thanksgiving and glory to the Almighty God alone forever and ever!

What a glorious 19th Anniversary Celebration we had last Sunday as our Thanksgiving Offering to our Almighty Father God from whom all our help, strength, joy, peace and wisdom come from.

Praise God for bringing us this far to witness the dawning of the fruits of our sacrifices with our growing children who are now serving God with their respective God-given gifts.

In this fallen world, a generation has to rise and make a tremendous commitment to sacrifice by showing to our children what is most important in life.

To capture and embrace the vision of intergenerational endeavor that God has shown us 5 years ago is indeed so rewarding watching our children today doing what we are doing in God’s invisible kingdom.

What a great joy in my heart to see them responding to the challenge of tomorrow by giving God’s purpose in their lives today first of importance for God is forever faithful in return to bless them and make their future truly beautiful and unshakable. God made it possible because of the sacrifices of today’s generation for the sake of the next generation, our children and our children’s children.

God’s Most Holy Name be praised and honored forever and ever.