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"Jesusness" for Our Kids & Youth
I have to think a thousand times if I have to write about what is disturbingly trending among the young people nowadays. The week before our departure from the Philippines back to US, two 12 years old friends succumb to their untimely death by jumping from the roof top of a condominium just because one of them was broken hearted. Last Thursday during our Pastor’s Prayer Conference, one of our main concern was about young people who grow up in Evangelical Churches committing suicide. Then last Sunday, Pastor Rino shared to us about a young honor student who was found by his mother in his room dead, he took his own life. When we asked one of our teens if he is aware of this problem among his peers, he immediately told us that it’s happening to his friends. Praise God for according to him he is reaching them out with godly counsel.

I brought this to your attention because this is God’s clarion call to all the believers in their respective Local Churches like ours to become more vigilant of the subtle attack of the Destroyer of our body and soul. Looking at the above story, it is obvious that the unseen enemy is working double time in the lives of the youth. We can’t take it for granted. This is the time that we need to be more united as God’s mercenaries to make counter attacks in the arena of life. Prayer assures us victory in every fight that we encounter but to shield our youth from Satan’s sugar-coated lies which are like flaming arrows that can horribly and mercilessly destroy them, it desperately needs our united effort to insulate them with God’s love while they are open yet to God’s un-adulterated Word. We are blessed of our AWANA teachers who selflessly and untiringly give their time to educate and train our kids and our youth but they practically and absolutely need to see in action what they are learning about God from the way the whole Church treat them by “filtering our thoughts, our deeds and words with the love of Jesus.” It’s time to get rid of legalism and let “Jesusness” win our present and impending spiritual battle.