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Who Is to Blame?
The Biblical Garden of Eden is the absolute evidence that God made it perfect to behold and inhabit so that you and I could have only known what is beautiful and innocent of what is evil. But everything was changed when the first Adam disobeyed God by yielding to Satan’s temptation to covet what belongs to God alone. Henceforth, what was incorruptible becomes corruptible; what was immortal becomes mortal; what was made holy becomes sinful; what was God’s instrument to build becomes Satan’s instrument to destroy which will answer the question why there’s so much trouble on earth which are escalating uncontrollably each day such as killing, stealing, scandals, rebellion, calamities, mishap and every evil thing.

Who is to blame? Not God for sure but Satan, the culprit who is in this world together with his demons to kill, to destroy and to steal (John 10:10).

Did God allow this perilous time to haunt all mankind? Romans 8:28-30 is the absolute answer. It is God’s clarion call for every human being to start seeking God so that in His refinery our broken image will be restored into God’s image from glory to glory (Hosea 5:15; 2Cor. 3:18). It is the mystery that is so interestingly and explicitly revealed in the Scripture through His Church that the glory which was coveted by Satan that caused his downfall will be given to man in the end as heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ (Roman 8:17).

Fear of God therefore is necessary, for it is the beginning of wisdom. If you want to lengthen your life and receive God’s blessings, then fear the Lord. Do you want riches and honor, happiness and friendship with Almighty God, scripture says fear the Lord. Every man who comes to Him with his repentant heart will experience His promised abundant life in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior (John 10:10).