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"You Have the Keys of the Pearly Gates of Heaven"
Plenty of souls are now in hell not because they were murderers, not because they were robbers, not because they engaged in witchcraft, not because they were liars. In fact most of them were very good and religious people. But why they are there? It’s simply because nobody told them about the Good News. Because nobody dared to tell them about the way of escape from the road that will bring them to the lake of fire and burning sulfur. Most reasons we heard why some Christians are seemingly deaf-mute, are fear of rejection, ashamed of the Gospel, avoiding persecution and many other alibis. While other people just don’t want to get out from their comfort zone by making excuses that they are not Billy Graham or Joel Osteen nor a Pastor and not even an elder or a deacon which is one way of saying “better to lose my loved ones in eternity as long as I keep their company in this brief earth life.” It’s baloney.

Furthermore, others are too busy doing fantastic and stunning activities in God’s kingdom but deliberately ignoring the clarion call of joining God in doing His business. While others just simply justify their indolence by saying, “God can’t use me,” when Genesis18:14 says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” According to the Gospel of Luke 1:37, “For nothing is impossible with God.” So that the Apostle Paul is telling us in Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.”

Think of the allegheny ants, a common species in the Eastern United States. The University of Wisconsin revealed the result of their 3-year study that one colony of ants can move fifteen tons of subsoil, building clusters of large mounds and burrowing five and a half feet below the surface. According to their study, this “deep plowing” increases the nutrients, clay, and organic matter of the surface soil in the forest. No wonder, the writer of Proverbs 6:6 said, “Go to the ant . . . . consider its ways and be wise.”

According to Bible Scholars, if God can use Allegheny ants to move fifteen tons of subsoil to the surface, there is no reason why God can’t use you as His co-laborer in His Redemptive Work.

How many laymen have we read from the newspapers who are named heroes because of their courage to save lives who were trapped in fire?

A 19 years old man was caught by train and was killed when he tried to save his pet from an approaching train. What kind of force that moved him to put himself in a dangerous situation even if it cost him his own life? The answer is COMPASSION!

It’s the same compassion of God for all men that made Him sent His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, in order to die for us. He does not want us to suffer the rising torment in hell as the penalty of sin. The Son of God made Himself a sin for us and was hanged on the cross in order to receive the punishment that should have been ours (Isa. 53:5; 2 Cor. 5:21). Just for one reason, it’s the only way He can bring us back to Him and embrace us with His everlasting arms.

It’s the same compassion that can move you to gamble your life in order to save another life from the pit of destruction. You can only say you love your unsaved father or mother, your unsaved brother or sister, your unsaved friend if you share them the Saving Grace of God through the sacrificial death of Christ for all men without counting its cost. For it is by hearing the gospel that faith will come to them.

C.H. Spurgeon had this story. “A lost person once met a Christian, and said, ‘I know you do not believe religion.’ ‘Why?’ asked the Christian. ‘Because,’ said the other, ‘for years you have passed me on my way to my house of business. You believe, don’t you, there is a hell, into which men’s spirits are cast?’ ‘Yes, I do,’ said the Christian. ‘And you believe that unless I believe in Christ I must be sent there?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘You do not, I am sure, because if you did, you must be a most inhuman wretch to pass me, day by day, and never tell me about it or warn me of it.’”

God can use you. Just open your heart and receive God’s compassion for the lost and be His agent of drawing people back to His kingdom in order to serve your purpose in life. First, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your nephews, your nieces, your friends, your co-workers . . . then all men of the earth. You have the keys to open the pearly gates of heaven for them to freely enter and be with God forever and ever.