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Soli Deo Gloria!
To Highly Esteemed DBD-NJ Family,

Soli Deo Gloria! Glory to God alone! Indeed, God will bring into completion every good thing that He has started. Last Sunday, our Heavenly Father was so pleased looking down at us as we exodus to our long time cherished dream – a House of Worship we can call our own. Tears of joy coupled with loud rejoicing shot forth exceedingly our inexpressible praise and thanksgiving to God for the great things He has done. Truly, God works from glory to glory. Before we were just tenants, but now we are so well-favored that God alone is our Landlord. I would like to enjoin you in prayer with the prayer of Moses when God told him that He will send an angel ahead of them to prepare the Promised Land for their beautiful habitation but God is not going with them because of their rebellion, otherwise God will destroy them. But Moses insisted imploring God with his prayer saying, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” This should be our prayer for we know our journey will remain empty and troublesome without God. We need to work hand in hand with God and alongside everyone to fully accomplish His plan and purpose of calling us to achieve a glorious end.

From the bottommost part of my heart, thank you for your dedication and faithfulness as co-laborers in God’s kingdom building.