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DBDNJ Ministry Fair '10: Crowned With Success
Praise God for the tremendous turn-out of our third Ministry Fair last Sunday. The joy was indeed overwhelming after a strenuous but most rewarding preparation done by the organizers and team leaders headed by Bro. Rino Alcantara, Bro. Denise Quimpo, Bro. Mario Videña, Sis. Des Abjelina, Sis. Claire Jalos, Sis. Lydia Ferriol, Sis. Nerie Abelo, Sis. Merlyn Oberio and Sis. Lanie Llerena.

The response of the whole Congregation was very satisfying and inspiring with their full support and cooperation as shown in the following link.

We are now thrilled looking forward to the times of ministry with all those who signed the Opportunity Card which is their “Service Pledge” not to Day by Day Christian Ministries but to Him, the Lord our God, who is the Head of the Church. They are now keeping their eyes and ears open throughout the succeeding weeks for orientation and intensive training.

The Council of Core leaders and the Kingdom-Focused Education Planning Team are congruently and deeply committed to equip and develop their "SHAPE" to effectively serve God’s purpose in their lives by doing it with intense prayer, gusto and vigor.

We believe that the price is high. Nobody wins an Olympic medal with a few weeks of intensive training. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Great companies and great Churches don’t spring up overnight . . . every great thing has been built in exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little but surely. So do we, as we are grateful for their desire to be used of God.