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In Retrospect . . . DBDNJ 10th Anniversary Celebration
On behalf of the Church Council of Core Leaders and the whole DBDNJ Congregation, it is my great joy to post this letter online expressing our deepest gratitude to our Wonderful God who crowned our efforts in celebrating our 10th Anniversary last February 28th with exceeding joy and fondest memories. It was indeed a tremendous milestone that we can look back with appreciation to God who have brought us this far.

The Word of God was so rich showing how we can journey with confidence and assurance to the center of God’s will.

The reflection on the amazing works of God upon the life of the Church was very inspiring with emphasis on the special program for our toddlers and our goal of pursuing and intertwining all the goals of the different ministries into one focus to form a ligament that unites the whole Congregation to give our youths and children support-related experiences in the Church for spiritual formation.

In addition to the highlights was our God-given privilege to honor Him with our intensified mission overseas for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Praise God for the perfect weather, delicious food, great fun and the usual heart-warming joint selfless efforts extended by the brethren to make the celebration more meaningful, remarkable and beautiful.

To all those who in one way or another have contributed to the success of our celebration, only eternity will reveal the ultimate reward God has prepared for you, but for now . . . I sincerely thank you.