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Celebrating DBDNJ's 10th Anniversary
To our beloved brethren in the Church and to our valued friends in cyberspace,

On behalf of our Council of Core Leaders, it is my delight to welcome you to the website of the Day by Day Christian Ministries and share with you our exceeding joy of experiencing God’s marvelous work in edifying His people and continuously propagating the Good News more than a decade already.

Praise God for the ever expanding world of technology so that going online we can be more interactive with you as we sail and put the Church right at the tip of your finger.

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary on the 28th of this month is a great milestone to glorify God in acknowledgement of His unfailing goodness and faithfulness. As we cherish your partnership in God’s kingdom, we invite you to join us in proclaiming our thanksgiving by signing up for our group card linked to this page expressing God’s amazing works on how we’ve contributed in making your lives fulfilling and meaningful. We will appreciate if you made it more colorful with your uploaded picture.

Thank you.

May God reward your steadfast faith and trust in Him with His increasing joy and lasting peace.

In Christ,
Ptr. Cesar