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A Moral Lesson to Learn for Life
Gabay’s Cell Group Bible Study last Saturday about the story of reluctant Jonah has mesmerized me as Sis. Eleonor has intricately and thoroughly imparted to the brethren the moral lessons that every human being need to carefully and heartily learn to escape from the wiles of Satan to destroy and kill man not just physically but spiritually as well. Its relevance to our daily walk with Jesus prompted me teach the same lesson last night at my Bible Study with the Village of God Cell Group. I cannot tell you all the study we had last night but I’m so enthusiastic to share with you a glimpse of what we studied just enough to give us a sheer warning from Above lest we fall into Satan’s trap.

Jonah was commanded by God to go to Nineveh to warn the Ninevites about the impending judgment against them because of their wicked ways. But Jonah disobeyed God because knowing God who is full of mercy, He will surely forgive them if they repent. Jonah wants them to suffer the punishment for their wickedness so he ran away and went the opposite direction instead thinking he could be out of God’s sight. Psalm 137:9 says, we can never escape God’s Spirit nor flee from God’s presence. Surprisingly, as the story unfolded, there was a boat that will bring him to the place where he wanted to go. Jonah thought God must have redirected him because the odds are for him. One lesson I can tell you for now as a clear warning is this, when you disobey God watch out because Satan will surely provide you a transportation to bring you farthest from God where he can have you to himself and easily devour you and suffer the consequence of disobeying Him. According to my 7-year old grandkid Ava during one of our devotionals, before you do something, think first so that you can have a good choice of what you really want to do to avoid a consequence that you will regret for life.